So I have purchased a few replica watches in my day for high school graduation, mostly a tennage presents, but ireplica was the worst. Josh watch was the best by far and were very hard to tell from originals, but they even told me that planet oceans should be purchased from Omega because all pieces are rhodium plated and that alone drive price past 1K.

Back to ireplica, I ordered from web page a seadaweller rolex replica, what I received was the shotiest submariner replica. It had know engraving on back or special screw in common to rolex. It had its magnifier chopped off because seadwellers don't have one and the paint on dial was almost see through and scratched up. When I contacted them by reply to invoice copy they refused to contact me with phone no.

or more emails. I have contacted credit cards services as it legal to buy and posses replicas. BTW no sapphire crystal, just glass yet they actually lased the crown at the 6 position. submariners either come with no date and bad band or the '08s came with dates with magnifier and better quality band.

I would pay $10 in Chinatown for this POS. No matter who I dealt with before, they have been corteous and helpful about mistakes. Sure miss Josh and time88clone.net. They were the best in the business.

For adults I recommend avoiding real rolex altogether and investing in a real Omega, Tissot or Longines from a certified dealer. even Omega is under 3k most of the time and tissot or longines are in the 1k range and crafted beatifully. The Swatch corp owns all 3 and about 1/2 of all named brand swiss, with great customer service. Avoid gray market like costco, BJ or Sams and especially duty free because almost all are assembled in some place other than SWIZ and warranties are not honored.

Hamilton is a very reasonable watch. They invented the wrist watch at the end of WWI and are prized by GI's for reliability.

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